Monday, January 26, 2009

Another ride on the Ferris Wheel

I have to's been a while. Trying to balance 3 different blogs while simultaneously looking after a todder and running a moderately successful home crafting business have left little time for sitting down and tickling my keyboard. But I'm back for a reason.

In the last few weeks, I've been spending some big money. The first big blow out was on plane fare for the Prawn and myself to visit my parents in September. The other was for a membership at a new indoor snowslope that's opening right down the road.

So, on Saturday night, I discovered that I just wasted about 700 pounds.

That's right. The infamous pee stick came up with double pinks.

I went to my GP this morning for a new referral to Dr. Bow Tie Guy. I feel infinitely more positive about this pregnancy (which was TOTALLY wanted, btw, but came a little earlier than expected) knowing that I'm going to be under his care again and doing his utmost to make sure I get a live, take-home critter at the end of this experience.

Guns at the ready. Here we go again.