Thursday, November 16, 2006

"What Do You Mean By That, Exactly?"

People say weird things to you when you're up the duff.

The one that's been puzzling me lately:

"Oh! You're looking well!"

This is usually something that I would associate with recovery from a major illness of some sort. So, in this context does it mean one of the following?

"Wow! You're not half as fat as I expected you to be!"

"Holy shit, you're the size of a Buick, but since you're also probably hormonal, I'm going to excercise tact and pay you a slightly unfathomable compliment in the hopes that you'll not go postal on me."


MsPrufrock said...

Hmm...I heard that a lot. Though I'm usually very suspect of compliments and often dissect them, I chose to take it and run. Now I'm wondering if "You're looking well" was said to me by people who thought they would have to say, "You fat bitch" instead.

I'm sure you're looking very well indeed.

rockmama-in-waiting said...

I suppose the natural instinct upon seeing someone you've not seen in a long time with a huge, swollen belly would be to say, "Oh my god! Look at YOU!" or "Christ, you're huge!" So maybe "You're looking well!" is a self-censoring phrase that just pops out to prevent gettin skinned alive by an angry preggo.

theoneliner said...

people sometimes think they can say anything to PG women. It never ceases to amaze me.