Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tattoo Designs

As some of you may remember, I've got ink. Of course, being as addictive as it is, the birth of a child is too large an opportunity to pass up for another appointment with the needle to burn another piece of permanancy into my flesh. (Tattoos are weird that way.)

Just trying to get a consensus on the design.

These are the Chinese Symbols for "mother" and "daughter". (Mother is the larger one on top) These would be joining two other Chinese symbols on my back.

This is a little design that I've come up with in Photoshop. May I just say hooray for the text to path feature previously only available in Illustrator? Obviously, this is the Prawn's name. Some people have commented that it is slightly hard to read, but I think I'm okay with that, as I think it looks nice as a pattern on it's own.

Both designs leave the option for a second one should be we lucky enough to have a second child. I can either add another "daughter" or "son" to the first one or a second name "wreath".

What do you ladies think? So far, the name wreath has the most votes, but I'm really open to either of them


MsPrufrock said...

I want to get a tattoo to commemorate P's birth and the birth of a subsequent child (oh, how I laugh), but The Dude thinks it would look trashy. Boo to him, and whatever. When the time comes to get one I want to get it designed by my illustrator/artist friend, who will surely come up with a brilliant set of ideas.

Anyway, since you asked about your own tattoo and not mine, here's my opinion. Much as I like Chinese characters, I think they are a bit overdone sometimes. I vote for the second design. It's a really nice font, and I too like the fact that you can't really read it. I prefer tattoos as symbols, which this appears to be despite the presence of her name.

Patience said...

I love me some ink as well! The name wreath gets my vote, especially as it's something a bit different to the Chinese designs - I do love Chinese characters but the wreath is gorgeous. Maybe you could have some green ivy snaking through the letters? Just a thought....

Jennifer said...

the wreath is way cool.

Molly said...

I'm with Pru. Chinese characters unforunately overdone, unless China and its culture has some sort of meaningful link to your life/marriage.

The wreath is beautiful.

I'm getting my first tattoo soon. Just need to finalize the design. Ahh, fun times.

lisalou said...

I like the name wreath too!
I want to get a tattoo too. I've been researching all sorts of fertility symbols and godesses but I have yet to find a good match. Any suggestions?