Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prawns Gone Wild

So we're back from sunnier climes. Portugal, to be exact. We were surprised to discover, upon our return, that Autumn had happened in our absence, so now it's all about trying to scrounge up some winter threads for the Prawn.

But anyway, we had a fantastic time. I may have posted something about the place where we stayed last year- Mr. DD's uncle owns a monster villa high in the hills above Faro where we stayed again, this time with some friends and their one year old son. The last time I was there, I was suffering from morning sickness, so I had a vague fear that I might feel kind of queesy from the smell of the place, but luckily, it was all good. We had a very pleasant week of beaches, pools, rum, wine and relaxing once the kids were in bed. The Prawn coped admirably with her first airplane trip and made doe eyes at everyone in the vacinity, making herself a load of new friends and cheek pinchers.

Here are pictures, as promised.

Her first trip into the pool was not an unqualified success. A long day on a plane and tiredness probably contributed to the screaming frenzy that occurred. But the next day, after a bit of kicking her legs over the side, she had a MUCH better experience. I believe we might have an Olympic breaststroke champion in our midst.

Water baby!

Mr. DD, as a small child, once fell asleep face down in his dinner. It looks like that's where she got it from.

Dad and Prawn at the beach.

More beach/Prawn action. As we've never travelled with children before, it was only natural that we were going to forget some things. Like the 6 sunhats that I bought her specifically for this trip. A muslin ended up serving as head protection gear.

The grounds of the villa are beautifully tended and boast an amazing display of native flora and fauna.

First encounter with the sea.

Pinching a bit of protective head gear from her playmate, Jonas.

Wearing Daddy's shirt.


Becky said...

Wow, what a beautiful baby! She is so gorgeous!

Katie said...

What beautiful pictures! Awww, your daughter is just toooooo cute!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear that everyone had a great time!

We wanted to take our twins to the beach this summer too but hubby has been so busy with work. I guess their first time will be when they turn 3 next summer. :(

SaraS-P said...

If the Prawn made doe eyes at me, I would just have to pinch her cheeks! That is one adorable baby!

lisalou said...

Why is she so cute?

katty said...

pretty cute baby....

Emily said...

She is so ridiculously adorable!