Monday, January 21, 2008

10 Months Young

The Prawn, modeling the latest in baby shredder gear, ready to hit the slopes and all of those sick kickers. These kids. I don't know.

We've actually had to cancel the Prawn's first introduction to snow due to the UK government deciding that two people with a combined income of under 40k a year are just making FAR TO MUCH CASH for their liking and dropping a 5 grand tax bill on us out of the blue. It's my understanding that we have accountants that we pay part of that just under 40k a year to to make sure that WE KNOW IF WE'RE ABOUT TO HAVE TO TAKE OUT A LOAN TO PAY A TAX BILL, but I might be wrong about that. At any rate, our long anticipated boarding holiday, the idea of which sustained me through the Prawn's newborn days and many other shouty moments is most firmly off the table. As is pretty much everything else that we'd planned on doing this year, so it's a bit of a kick in the face of a January.

But the Prawn sustains us and grows more sentient by the day. Parenting has become easier as of late due to the fact that she often amuse herself for the best part of an hour noisily whacking a pot with a spoon. Spoons have become a favorite of hers recently; we made the life changing discovery that she will eat ANYTHING as long as you let her hold a spoon other than the one you're feeding her with. This has made for a much happier breakfast, lunch and dinnertime relationship with Mummy and Daddy and far less mashed potato on the walls.

We've been wondering recently when the day will come that we must cease telling her how cute she is for fear she turn into a heinous bitch in later life. We are undone by her flippy curls over her ears. By her endless stream of chatter. By the way she crawls so fast, she "trips". By her 1000 watt smile. At some point, though, she'll figure out that these things are true and begin a campaign of manipulation that only a small, flippy haired, blue eyed girl-child can carry off.

Little bugger.


Anonymous said...

I think you're safe for a couple more years.

I constantly tell Hugh how gorgeous and delightful he is. I hope he will have a buried memory of it that will help him feel good about himself and sustain him through his self-conscious boy years when it will just embarrass him to have his mum cooing over him. However, I also laugh (affectionately) at his hilariously tiny willy. I hope he doesn't remember that part!

Becky said...

You have some time before she realizes what exactly you mean. But she is killing me slowly with her cuteness, which is a welcome addition to an otherwise flu-filled day.

Thanks, Prawn, for being so unbearably cute that you warm even my cold (feverish) heart.

rockmama said...

dot- we went to a friend's house many year ago when their youngest boy ran, starkers, into the living room.

"Jack's got a baby willy!" taunted one of his brothers.

Jack burst into tears.


We all just about died.

MsPrufrock said...

What a great photo! Good lord your kid is cute.

I was just saying to The Dude tonight that we have to stop telling P how gorgeous she is all the time. I asked him to focus more on "good", and "clever". I don't need one of those little girls who thinks she's a princess, a diva, or some such shit.

SaraS-P said...

Sorry about the tax bill.

That Prawn sure is cute! Looks like she is showing off her voice there!

Suzie said...

When people talk about the pitter patter of little feet rarely do they mention the smashing and banging of pots. Maybe if they had we'd know a little more what we are in for.

katty said...

I'm afraid I call my babies 'genius child' ('but she IS' I cry) and 'great beauty' and 'great loves of my life'. All the time. And our main topic of conversation is 'I love you' (and bye bye, which they can both say and wave at the same time).
V. Cute Baby you have there, Rockmama.