Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not So Stupid

The question is not "where have I been?". The question is rather "where HAVEN'T I been?" Either way, I've been utterly rubbish at blogging.

This morning, I was reminded more strongly than ever that I am now in possession of a fully fledged toddler. I know this because I realized I can no longer pull one over on her.

As toddlers are wont to do, The Prawn has two favorite stuffed toys. The loss of either would spell immediate doom. I blogged some time back about the loss of dear Humphrey, who, fortunately, had a stunt double waiting at home. This loss upset me far more than it did the Prawn, who immediately accepted the double as if he were the original. The double, I might add, is, at present sitting on the coffee table looking FAR tattier than the One True Humphrey EVER did. The only reason he has been allowed to get to this state is because Humphrey III (yes, there is a Humphrey III, soon to be joined by Humphrey IV for our travel to the States) was the victim of a late night vomit attack and is languishing in a very large pile of washing.

Humphrey's second in command is Moo. Moo has been with us for nearly 4 years now, as I bought him in anticipation of the baby that we tried so hard for finally arriving. So you can imagine how chuffed I was when Moo rose up the ranks of her affections. However, Moos too get filthy and due to our schedule, it's difficult to push a load of washing through in one day (Our dryer is also "quirky". Quirky meaning that it doesn't always dry things.) and a night without Moo would obviously just be a nonstarter. Keeping this in mind, I ordered MooToo; a duplicate from Nordic Kids, which I just have to plug as being totally chock full of cool stuff.

MooToo arrived this morning (not the first time our postman has seen me braless and in my pajamas, I might add) along with a rather cute shirt that I bought for the Prawn. However, when opening MooToo's packaging, I was horrified to discover one small difference. While The One True Moo's horns are green with white spots, MooToo's horns are WHITE with GREEN spots.

"Do you think she'll notice?" Mr. DD asked.

"I don't think so," I said, inspecting MooToo. "at least not yet."

However, after cunningly sweeping Moo into his washing pillowcase and replacing him with MooToo, the first thing the Prawn did was to point accusingly at his horns and remark:


Well, shit.

Despite this realization, she doesn't seem actually ADVERSE to MooToo, but I think we may have to refer to him as what he is.



MsPrufrock said...

Why do they have to be so damn perceptive? I hate how we can't put anything past P. I think we get so used to them being completely ignorant of what's going on around them, that when they develop the ability to be aware, we are often caught off guard.

That website is tempting, but oh-so-naughty. £57 for a hoodie for a 2 year old? I kind of want to, but I couldn't live with myself.

rockmama said...

No, I agree, the prices are kind of staggering, but although I only went on to buy MooToo, the shirt that she's wearing right now with hippos all over it is making me smile despite the fact that it was about 15 quid.

Aunt Becky said...

While on the one hand it's really cute when they start to be totally aware of their surroundings, it gets REALLY annoying sometimes.

My oldest has a memory like a trap and forgets NOTHING. EVER.

Perhaps I just need to stop opening my mouth so much.

lisalou said...

Glad to hear from you and with such a cute story too! How clever is she? You are in trouble.
Also, child care frightens me too. When Ruby was 2 months old I started looking for next year on the advice of my gal pals. I got stuck on the bottom of several WAIT lists for September 2009-for places I don't even care that much for! They'd stare at me like I was an idiot and ask why I didn't come in as soon as I knew I was pregnant.WTF? How messed up is that!