Friday, February 06, 2009

The Old, the New and the Ugly

So. A week of snow. A lot of time to sit indoors and concentrate on the things taking place in my nether regions while being the subject of constant demands for juice, milk, crayons, music, Baby Einstein, lollies and many other things too numerous to list. (Not that I begrudge the Prawn any of these things, but she's gotten to a stage when she believes that things with happen quicker if she repeats herself 457 times in a row.)

6 weeks is still FAR too early to count chickens, but since starting on the progesterone supplements, I'm beginning to be plagued by nausea, which, while hideous, it is a comforting thing, since I experienced it with the Prawn. It is also comforting since I never actually tossed my cookies while pregnant with the Prawn, but just felt rather unpleasantly like I had a bad hangover for 14 weeks.

Also? An Angry. I haz it. The Rage didn't hit me until later in pregnancy with the Prawn, but I seem to have gotten my hate on earlier this time. Maybe it never really left or maybe it has something to do with the fact that, the moment I saw the two lines, I had to quit my SSRI cold turkey which is the thing in the directions printed in bold saying, "FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, DO NOT GO OFF THESE THINGS ALL AT ONCE OR THERE IS A VERY REAL POSSIBILITY THAT YOU MIGHT RUN OUT INTO TRAFFIC." So, that's been fun. I checked with my GP to make sure that what I was doing was okay and he seemed to think that it was better safe than sorry, although he DID admit that a lot of drugs were probably okay for preganant women, but not enough research was available on the subject. So, on top of the normal uncontrollable weeping at advertisements on tv, I've got some serious brain chemical hoodoo working against me. It's a party.

There are two new factors this time around; one being a super boisterous Prawn and the other being a shiteous flare up of IBS. It's been pretty much non-existant until about 3 months ago when it decided to turn my bowels into a cramptastic fun zone and my stomach into a bloated nightmare.

I think this is going to be a longer 9 months than the first time around. Still, I'm thankful for this blob and all the mischief that it's causing. Keep on keeping on, little blob.


Dot said...

What wonderful news about the pregnancy! (I have only been checking Blogapotamus recently, thus the tardiness in congratulations.) As it happens, I am up the duff again myself - like you, a bit earlier than expected - so I'll be reading avidly to see how your experiences of second pregnancy tally with mine. Though I will be superstitiously not mentioning our new blob (known as Sprout) until we think we are safely through the first trimester, or until I can't bear to keep my virtual mouth shut any longer.

When is your due date? We must be very close - I think I am about seven weeks now (9th) though I have to arrange a dating scan.

Very best wishes:-)

Dot said...

Not mentioning Sprout on our blog, that is. Obviously my virtual mouth is flapping elsewhere.

Hope your happy hormones kick in really soon.

rockmama said...

Crazy! I'll be 7 weeks on Thursday! Looks like our next little crustaceans (fingers crossed!) will be as close as our first! Quiet and non-scary congrats to you too. :)

Also, have discovered that we have a mutual friend in Alice Still! I don't think I'm imagining that- I've gotten to know her through Etsy. :)

Dot said...

Yes, I know Alice through her mother, who is my fellow Anglo-Saxonist at Trinity College.

As I said, I don't know my exact due date yet. It would be 12th September from the menstrual date but I think it's likely to be a couple of weeks later (around 27th), which would put me just under a week ahead of you - and, the way babies ignore due dates, that might as well be the same time. But assuming all goes well with this pregnancy I am likely to have a month or so as the mother of two children under two - eeek.

More happy warm feelings and best wishes

lisalou said...

I love it when you rage!