Thursday, September 24, 2009


14 weeks and all seems to be well.

The Squid (as this little bugger shall be known) seems to be doing his/her uterine thing. Little wiggles are detectable now, if I'm sitting or lying just the right way and I found the little escape artist's heartbeat for the first time just 15 minutes ago with my Home Sanity Saving Kit (My doppler) although, unlike the Prawn, who was happy to sit still while being poked and prodded, The Squid seems to like his/her personal space and will wriggle away from the magic pointy wand.

Mr. DD and I have been speculating as to the gender of The Squid since the 13 week scan went well. Although there's no scientific basis, since this pregnancy has already been vastly different, I'm beginning to be convinced that The Squid possesses a dingle dangle. Of course, I was convinced that the Prawn was a boy and THAT assumption cost me five quid to a friend who was equally certain she was a girl.

Six more weeks to wait and wonder!


Just got the Nuchal Translucency test results and the Squid is decidedly LOW RISK for Downs. The Prawn was high risk, (1 in 230) so I was dreading the worry again, but the Squid is 1 in 8900. Go sqiddy!


Darwinsgirl said...

I cant fathom the emotional roller coaster that you have been on. But, it is so exciting to hear (:read) the excitement in your voice! I have been a long time reader of your blog.

If the next few weeks are just too long to wait for the gender, you can always try this:

So happy for you and the Squid.

Hopeful Mother said...

Yippee for the squid!

Dr. Grumbles said...

Hooray for Squidward!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Happy swimming, squid.

Kath said...

Dear Rockmama, after a much-too-long absence, I just got caught up on months' worth of posts -- the good, the sad, the very sad and now the wonderful. I'm so glad this pregnancy is going so well now, and I'm wishing you and the Squid a very successful, healthy and downright boring long haul. XO

lisalou said...

Dingle dangle or not, I am so excited for you and your squirmy squid!

PiquantMolly said...


That's a hell of a cute squid.

rockmama said...

I know. It that not the cutest cephalopod you've ever seen?