Monday, December 04, 2006

Saving A Bit of Dough

Things around Chez Rockmama haven't been peachy keen lately, so when Mr. DD and I got some good news this morning regarding our new flat, I just had to share!

Having spent the last 7 years on a narrowboat, in the way of furniture, we own precisely squat. Everything is nailed to one bulkhead or another with the exception of a futon that we have to sneak up on and surprise to be able to fold back into couch shape and a £30 computer desk made of the special kind of pressed and disguised sawdust that they use to make furniture that you are willing to have in your home but wouldn't be devestated if it got eaten by carpenter ants or something. (Although I imagine that the discriminating carpenter ant probably wouldn't chow down on our computer desk unless he'd had a couple of pints of lager first.)

So, moving into this flat, we literally have nothing to fill it up with. Fortunately, we'd put aside around 3 grand for furnishings and although it wouldn't furnish the whole place, we'd get the basics; couches, dining room table, bed, etc.

Can I just say how much I would like to lick the people who live there at the moment? To facilitate their moving process, they asked us if there was anything of theirs furnishing-wise that we'd like to buy. We picked out bits that we liked as well as their appliances, (fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washer/dryer) because everybody knows that getting a refridgerator out of a first floor flat is a recipe for a hernia and possibly a lawsuit. Coming away from our little tete a tete, we thought that a fair price for the appliances alone would be around £500- none are new, although still in really good shape.

This morning, we got an email through from them asking us for £700 pounds for EVERYTHING. I think even the Prawn did a little victory dance. This is going to save us SO MUCH CASH. CASH IS GOOD. CASH PAYS FOR THE PRAWN.

Just a little bit of happy. :)


lisalou said...

What a score!

SaraS-P said...

Hooray for saving a load of cash!!! Yay!

katty said...

Hey. That's great!

VanillaDreams said...

That is AWESOME!! Congrats!! :)