Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Am Either Stupid or Batshit Crazy

Tomorrow, Mr. DD, unbelivably, after all of the sleep deprived nights, is going to run the London Marathon. It's his second time; he felt woefully unprepared for his first attempt and hit the metaphorical "wall" at around 16 miles. He still finished, though, and I know /I/ definitely couldn't have, so it wasn't so bad. This year, he's trained harder, is fitter and is determined to get a time beginning with a 4.

The atmosphere in the city on marathon day is hugely exciting and really positive. The sheer volume of people is amazing. Everybody cheers for everybody. Runners who aren't dressed up like Spiderman, giant rhinocerous or Cornish pasties have their names written on their shirts so that everyone can shout for them. A huge proportion of the runners are raising money for one worthy cause or another (Mr. DD is running for a local children's hospice-at-home charity that he's been involved with for about 6 years now) so there's a lot of good will sloshing around, knocking over spectators and BBC camera people. I went the last time and had planned to stay at home this year with the Prawn and watch on telly.

But I think we're going to go to cheer Daddy on in person. This is where batshit crazy comes in.

St. James Park, which leads to Buckingham Palace (at the finish line) is a large and lovely expanse of green in the city of London. While it will be full of people, there will undoubtedly be space under some shady trees for me to set up camp. I will be packed as if going on holiday, brimming over with all manner of baby equipment- buggy, carseat, ready made formula, breast pump (I've got my Hooter Hider, so no having to get my baps out in the middle of a royal park) extra clothes for her, diapers, wipes, the rain shield for the buggy and plenty of blankets. Oh yeah, and probably like a sandwich for myself or something. And then I'll stay put while the rest of the family traipses around the city, trying to catch glimpses of Mr. DD. We'll just be waiting for him at the finish line.

Now tell me, is this a truly awful idea? We've taken her out a LOT over the past few weeks- even down to the Excel Centre in London for Mr. DD to register. She's a good traveller. If I spent the day at home, chances are she'll spend the day shouting. If I take her to London, chances are, she'll spend the day sleeping and I'll get the fresh air I so richly deserve. (I've not been out of the flat in 2 days.) It's not going to be cold, (23 C. Rather too warm for the runners!) so I'm not worried about her freezing and I can always take clothes off of her if it's too hot. (Under the trees, it shouldn't be.) There are public loos in St. James Park, too, so that's me taken care of.

So, ladies, am I making a big fuckoff mistake or do you think this could work?


Anonymous said...

it sounds fun. i wish i could liun ge my nearly there 8 days more ass to lounge in the sun and cheer for the runners!!

have a great day and good luck to him.

that is really freaking impressive that he can run a marathan.


Reesh said...

I'm sure it'll be great. I remember we took Lily on her first roadtrip when she was 3 1/2 weeks old and we thought that was batshit crazy - a whole 4 days away from home - but it worked out fine, better than fine, it was awesome!

The more you go out with her the more you'll realize how easy it really is and the better you'll feel getting out of the house and being a part of the real world.

Thalia said...

I think it will be fine, although prob worth checking how she's acting in the morning to make sure.

Btw we are coming down to cheer on my brother-in-law, who's aiming to finish in 4h30 or so. I can see if i can find you in St James' Park if you're up for it!

lisalou said...

At least if she cries the whole the nise will be muffled by the cheering crowds where as at home....

Kidding! It'll be fun.

rockmama said...

Thanks for the reasurance, ladies! Wish I was actually able to go. While I would have been happy driving down with her, my only way to get there now is to take the train and tube, which would totally suck.

Thalia- Sorry I won't be about. Hope we can meet up someday, though! (As I live in London's commuter belt) Good luck to your BIL! Mr. DD is hoping to finish around that time too. :)