Monday, May 21, 2007

Beware the Firm Who's Name Rhymes With "Mountie"

Changing the Prawn has recently become just about as easy as diapering an octopus. She seems to sprout limbs when I get her on the changing mat and uses every single one of them to make the process as difficult as possible. So, imagine my joy when the phone rang today, just as I’d gotten the bottom half of her babygro off.

Oh, how I hate unsolicited phone calls. Telemarketing is evil and no one can convince me otherwise, but there is a special circle of hell reserved for these particular telemarketers.

Possibly the day after my c-section when I was felt like Atilla the Hun was making war on my midsection and that Fog that eats people was camped out in my centre of higher reasoning, a woman came by my bed. She asked me for some details, my address, phone number, etc. Taking her for a nurse, I answered her questions, hoping maybe she’d give me some more drugs. But all she left was a bag filled with samples, which was vaguely confusing.

It wasn’t until several days later that I twigged who had visited my bedside; a member of a rather well known marketing firm here in the UK. I felt like the top of my head was about to come off when I realized that the hospital had allowed this vulture onto a ward full of drugged up and highly confused women and allowed her to take personal details.

So, guess who was on the phone today?

Picking up the writhing Prawn, I went to answer the phone only to find this unscrupulous marketing firm on the other end.

“Just calling today to find out if you’d invested your £250 Child Trust Fund voucher, madam.”

Did I tell her that I found her firm’s methods odious? Did I tell her that I would happily set fire to the next member of her company who dared contact me? No.

“This is a really bad time,” I told her as the Prawn let out a shriek and tried to escape my grasp. I hung up before I could hear the rest of her apology.



lisalou said...

How Creepy! Lurkers! Trying to sell stuff to new moms in hospitals! Just plain wrong. I don't approve.

Anonymous said...

That is disgusting!!! Next thing you know, they'd be chasing ambulance to the hospital and getting you to sign on the dotted line before going in the labour. I think you should complain to the FSA who regulates the Finance industry. No doubt, with enough voices, they'd stop this odious practice. Other stories for a company that rhymes with "mountie", here's something that may be of interest to other parents

rockmama said...

Anon- Actually, to give them a teensy amount of credit, I didn't receive ANY marketing literature or samples of formula products in my "Mountie" bags- just nappies, detergent, creams and lotions, that sort of stuff. I guess if they WERE doing that in the past, the public outcry would have been pretty intense and they must have stopped. That's sort of getting into the whole Nestle thing- trying to convince poor mums in India that formulas is better for their babies than breastmilk!