Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Shenanigans

Just a bit of Prawny goodness.

My father in law finally got rid of a car that has been sitting in his garage for almost 40 years. This was no small task as the thing weighs about a ton.

The Prawn and the lovely leaves that grow up my in-law's beautiful house.

Sunday morning in the Tree Cathedral.

Prawn and Daddy.

Prawn and Mummy.


lisalou said...

She is so cute! Did you make that sweater? Or that hat? She is just adorable.

katty said...

where did you get that sweater? where did you get that hat?
ps what did you make of dan zanes?

rockmama said...

Lisa- I wish that I was talented enough to make either the hat OR the sweater! I'm not a knitty person, sadly. The sweater was a present from a friend, but I think it came from Gymboree in the States. The devil horns hat was knitted by a friend. It totally kills me.

Katty- I love the one album that I've got, which is House Party. The Prawn is WAY into Waltzing Matilda. I personally like the Tennessee Wig Walk. :)

Mr. DD said...

Wow ... I really do *look* as tired as I *feel*. :o(

Becky said...

Oh my God! She_is_so_cute that I nearly cried. Thanks, Prawn, for cheering me up today.

Her hat is AWESOME. I want one for me!

rockmama said...

Becky- I totally want one too. :)

Katie said...

Love the pictures. So did you get her that prawn halloween costume? I saw some at Baby's R Us here, it's adorable but I got my daughter the panda one instead. Btw, what is the Prawn's real name? If you don't want to mention it here, you can email it to me at I'm just curious. Thanks.

SaraS-P said...

I love Prawn pictures! She is sooooo adorable!