Friday, October 05, 2007


So, we're still chugging along here with teh solidz.

It's trial and error, really. When someone can't really tell you if they're enjoying something or not, you'll settle for them not spitting it out. We have tried, care of Mush, cucumber and avacado (a fairly enthusiastic reception) and chicken and vegetable soup with the addition of potatoes instead of pasta. (Mainly for Mr. DD's and my benefit as we had it for dinner as well. It enjoyed a mixed reception with the Prawn, who's still on the fence when it comes to meat.)

Although I taste the food I make her, not being hugely strong of stomach, (yes, some diapers still make me gag) I have never actually tried any of the Prawn's store bought organic food. (We have some on hand for moments when, quite frankly, I can't be arsed to shove something in the blender due to excessive Prawn shoutage.) Mr. DD was trying, unsuccessfuly, to feed her an Ella's Organic sachet the other day (broccoli, pea and pear) which was mixed with baby rice.

"Look, Prawny! Yum yum! This is really...BLAAAARGH!" he said, sticking a small spoonful in his mouth and nearly retching in the process.

"Um, okay, You don't have to eat this anymore. It tastes like socks." he concluded to the Prawn.


Dot said...

Kids have strange tastes, though. They like Dairylea and pick pork pies apart to eat just the jelly.

electriclady said...

I bought a jar of organic babyfood winter squash once because I was too lazy to steam/bake a squash and mush it up. It was VILE. "Tastes like ass" would be too kind. And it tasted NOTHING like squash. Blghggg, I'm still revolted thinking about it. No wonder the kid wanted nothing to do with it.

Heather said...

What a sweet little face. I remember I bought DD a jar of baby mashed potatoes and I thought that tasted horrible too. She agreed. They are not stupid that's for sure. I wonder sometimes if they taste test this stuff with babies before they sell it, LOL. Have a great weekend!

Brandy said...

The prawn is just ADORABLE!

That's hilarious! I would love to make all of Aiden's food but right now time is just too much of a factor. I have to admit that I do taste all of Aiden's food before feeding it to him. I have no desire to feed him something I wouldn't eat myself. So far green beans just taste bland and carrots have a nice sweetness to them. And of course he likes the carrots better. :-)

Good luck with the food and keep the pictures of the Prawn coming!

becky said...

Oh, she is so cute!

I've actually convinced myself that Alex has no taste buds because he will eat_anything_at_all.

Except for prunes, which I cannot blame him for.

Motel Manager said...

She is just so gorgeous!!