Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Crazy

Yeah. 10 weeks. That's about my limit for my "twig in the stream" approach to this pregnancy.

Much fun was had the first time around with progesterone pessaries. Two little rocket shaped pellets of fun to be inserted straight up the yoo hoo every night before bed. Despite the gagaliciousness of this, it caused little difficulties apart from obsessive hand washing. However, this time around, my IBS has made the importation of these nasty little progesterone bullets a bit of a non-starter. The alternative venue for the pessaries is also a no-go due to my problems with Interstitial Cystitis.

So, after several weeks of this war of guts and waterworks, I slunk back to Dr. BowTieGuy to ask if there was, for the love of god, a better way.

Luckily, there is. I now receive weekly shots directly in the ass. While this doesn't sound ideal, TRUST me when I saw that it is the lesser of 3 evils, despite feeling as though someone has taken an airgun to my hind quarters.

Here is where the crazy comes in.

While taking the pessaries daily, I was aflicted with constant nausea, which sucks, but was at least reassuring. Since the shots began, the nausea has decreased markedly. So I'm left to I actually getting enough progesterone? Has the sick gone because it's simply time for it to piss off or is something not happening that should be?

I've been working hard not to think too hard about the fact that I'm pregnant, because I'm secretly hoping that it will suddenly just be 12 weeks and all will be sunshine and rainbows. Well, partly that and partly that I simply don't have TIME to think about it due to a certain Prawn who wants "BOOKS!" or "JUICE!" "RIGHT NOW!". Roughly translated, I don't have quite as much time to puss around. Not reaching for that thing on the top shelf? Screw that. I have a 30 pound toddler to carry around; I do not have the luxury of being a delicate flower like I did in 2006. And also, the news blackout til week 12? TOTALLY freaking inconvenient. Have you ever tried to make an appointment with a midwife over the phone at work and manage NOT to say anything that might be interpreted by your fellow co-workers as pertaining to pregnancy?

But as much as I tried to convince myself that this was going to be a new, no nonsense pregnancy....the crazy still remains.


lisalou said...

I often lament the fact that when I do get knocked up for a second time I wont be able to puss around accepting only the royalist of treatment for a full 9 months.

rockmama said...

I only get to do my pussing after the Prawn is in bed!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that pregnancy nausea is thought to be caused by the HCG hormone, so (if that's the case) it shouldn't have anything to do with how much progesterone you're getting. My nausea has been coming and going and is better since I got into a routine of eating something as soon as I get up (while juggling Hugh, his teddy and some milk); it is closely linked to low blood sugar for me. Maybe you are just doing something right?

Anyway, best wishes for all the craziness.


Aunt Becky said...

I kinda enjoyed having a toddler to distract me this time. Totally helped with my insanity (I pretend it was pregnancy induced, but who knows?).

Hang in there, friend. My nausea (even with the suppositories) died at about week 11. Made me nervous too.

rockmama said...

Having the Prawn IS a good distraction from the crazy. You don't have quite so much time to even THINK about being pregnant. I remember that around this point last time, I went wailing to the doctor that I just "didn't feel pregnant" and demanded a scan. Oh my god, i feel so sorry for the poor scan tech that they dragged in on her DAY OFF. Ack!

Anonymous said...

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