Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Street

I’ve having one of those sunrise/sunset moments at present. The Prawn has discovered Sesame Street.

And when I say discovered, what I actually mean is, lives, breathes and eats The Street. There is not a moment of the day when she does not wish to be worshiping at the feet of St. Elmo. (And not the 80’s brat pack feature, although one might say that the unchanging nature of Rob Lowes good looks might have a slightly holy bent to it.) We only have about 7 episodes ranging from newer (probably 2007 or so) to older (late 90’s, judging by the “computer” episode where Telly Monster shows you how to load a floppy disk into a machine that takes up 3/4ths of the desk that it’s sitting on.) so needless to say the Rock Star and I are frantically trying to get our hands on more so that we don’t want to commit suicide.

I embellish. To be truthful, I’m fairly happy to sit down with the Prawn and watch Sesame Street as it still features a lot of the fun, grainy clips that I remember from my childhood. The trippy 12 song, with the latest disco beats and just-about- post LSD era animations of a pinball traveling through national landmarks came up almost immediately. And how great is it to see that at least half of the original cast is STILL PLUGGING AWAY after 32 years? And that all of the muppets finally sound the way they did before Jim Henson went ot the big, googly-eyed felt pile in the sky? (Big kudos to Eric Jacobson and Steve Whitmeyer) While all of this was incredibly exciting to me, the Prawn just wanted to know when Elmo was coming back.

It’s my belief that someone should study the whole Elmo phoenominon. Until last week, the Prawn had never seen Elmo. Never heard of Elmo. But the moment she was introduced, it was love at little, furry, red monster sight. I’m not really sure how to feel about Elmo, especially the “Elmo’s World” segments which are generally pretty inane, but there’s obviously something about him which causes immediate crack brain in children. (I actually think the biggest surprise about Elmo for me was the person who voices him. I was pretty sure it was a woman for a long time, but it turns out it’s an enormous black guy called Kevin Clash who does some directing on the show as well.) So how does he do it? Subliminal messages? Rays from space? Whatever it is, I wish he was sharing, because if I could hold the Prawn’s attention like that, I’d have it made.

But anyway, it’s all a little surreal to be watching a show that I watched as a child with all the same characters 30 years later with my own little girl on my lap.



Meg said...

Hmm. Yeah, Jasper loves the street too. A little too much. Actually he loves all tv too much. I've been dismayed lately to realise how many theme songs he know and how may characters he recognises: "Iggul Iggul" for example, that blue monstrosity from ITNG.

Youtube has an awesome collection of old SS clips on it. I even contributed to the piracy with this one:

(Check out my geeky collection of favourites, haha)

rockmama said...

The Prawn is also a telly fan. But SS is INFINITELY better than Dora, who needs to turn the volume down a bit. ("HOLA! I'M DORA!" Si, Dora, now can you please cierre su boc?) Now that the weather is nicer, I'm trying to drag her away from the gogglebox more often! (But it's just so EASY to let Elmo take over when you need to get the laundry done.)

lisalou said...

Do you remember that very trippy segment where the animated, pimp like, dude strolls through the neighborhood?I can't remember what it was about but it was very psychedelic and it gave me the "no" feeling a bit as a child. It didn't, however, stop me from being a slave to the street.