Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cow for the Future

Have to admit to a purchase today.

My excuse was buying gifts for the still awaited child of The Idiot and The Barmaid, but saw this little guy and wanted him pretty bad. Bought his little pig companion for the baby in question. As well as quite a fun dummy.

My mother is always on the look out for Christmas gifts all year round. As she finds things, she'll squirell them away in her "Christmas Closet" for future use. It's dangerous, I suppose, having a "baby closet", as so much more emotional baggage goes along with it the longer the stuff sits around. But this is way too cute to pass up.

The REAL danger, I suppose, is of Mr Devil Duck and I getting so attached to this cow, that when a kid comes along, we have to buy another one to get dribbled on cause we can't bear to part with it. We're weird that way.

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