Friday, May 26, 2006

What It Seems to Be

So....yeah. The blood test.

Being entriely unfamiliar with reproductive jargon, the fact that my progesterone level was at 36.3 doesn't really mean anything to me. Apparently, it means that I have "good quality ovulation".

This is undoubtedly A Good Thing. But in my mind, it's just one more thing that ISN'T causing the miscarriages. "It's almost like you WANT them to find something wrong with you," my husband said. Well of COURSE I want them to find something wrong. When something is obviously broken, you can fix it. When something is quietly broken, you don't know it until the next time you try to use it.

Of couse, it is entirely possible that I have been subject to garden variety bad luck, as are many women who experience failed pregnancies. I am a great believer in luck and I know that we haven't had much of it in the last 5 years or so.

Just keeping my fingers crossed.


Molly said...

Wow. That IS one hell of a "good quality ovulation." Nicely done.

I know what you mean by wanting to know what's wrong. I think a lot of us infertiles need "projects" to work on to feel like we're making a difference, and not know what the hell the problem is in the first place makes that impossible.

Ah, well. Life goes on.

rockmama-in-waiting said...

Yeah, all the tests for bizarre stuff have come up negative, so even though, that's obviously positive, it still doesn't answer any questions, leaving me none the wiser or more confident that the next pregnancy will take.

But I have hope, and I suppose that's going to have to do for the moment!