Friday, June 23, 2006


Late last year when my frustration over my infertility just about got the best of me, I did the only logical thing I could think of. I got a tattoo.

I've got three other pieces of ink on my body, including the one right above it, which says "theatre" in Chinese. (And before anyone implies that it actually says "my mother goes with sailors" or something, I got it from a real gen-u-ine Chinese type person who liked me enough not to let me ink something offensive on myself.)

The red character is "hope". It reminds me to keep doing just that.

Anyone else have any little good baby karma talismans?


Meri-ann said...

Oh loads..... I'm so into symbolism and any microscopic speck of luck they can bring me!
I've got 2 tattoos on my left ankle, both after my losses of my twins. First one is the Gemini sign of the twins, 2nd one is the Egyptian Ankh, symbol of life and representing male/female. When I was recently on holiday in Sydney I saw these fabulous decorated tiles that I just had to have! One says 'believe', one says 'forever' and the other has a gorgeous heart type pattern on it, I really should take some photos of them. Then there's my fertility goddes.... and my charms, oh my g*d, I'm obsessed!!
Not really, I just like to have 'significant' things around me that only I know the story of, they do bring me comfort....

Nikole said...

I'm still searching for something that feels right. I love the symbolism of your new tatoo. I vowed not to get any more after two somewhat (but not too terribly so) unfortunate ones I got when I turned 18. But now, I'm thinking that another may be in order. I've definitely been marked by my losses, and feel like I an external (permanent) symbol and reminder to keep hoping would be appropriate. We must keep hoping.

rockmama-in-waiting said...

Tattoos, I've found are slightly addictive, but I've made a promise to myself that I'll not get anymore until we acheive our baby dream. Then I'm going to get the symbol for mother and child. :)