Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Playing the Waiting Game

I find myself often cursing my insides for being...well...inside. But if they were on the outside, chances are that no one would want to be friends with you except for dogs in the street that have been eyeing up your spleen.

In the monthly "am I/ am I not" waiting game, one can only wish that our bodies were a little bit more communicative. But until such technology develops, I shall simply have to wait.

ps- this is not to say I have any kind of news just yet. just wishful thinking!


Molly said...


Reminds me of a comedian I saw a long time ago (maybe Rosie O'Donnell? I don't know, it was about a decade ago, before she was just annoying) who was saying, "What the point of getting your period? Why not just find a note in your pants: "You're not pregnant. Signed, Your Uterus."

Alexa said...

Yes, I agree, some sort of notification system is sorely needed. Someone should get right on that.

Sarah said...

My body communicates, just not in the right way. My boobs will hurt for a week and I'll think I'm feeling ill and then WHAM, my period comes. Here's to some good news!