Monday, January 08, 2007

31w, 4d

I'm always aware, when writing in this blog, of the inherent weirdness of beginning off as sufferer of IF and ending up spending most of the existence of this Internet based missive talking about my third, and hopefully successful pregnancy. Please forgive me if I have the occasional worry-fest here.

I went to the local hospital this morning for my belated 30 week assessment. Unfortunately, I was unexpectedly detained.

Before heading to the States, my midwife expressed some mild surprise at the size of my belly, saying that I was measuring 2 weeks ahead of my due date. She didn't make much of it, so nor did I. However, at today's appointment, the consultant expressed some concern that there seemed to be a bit more fluid around the Prawn than should be expected at this point. Also, there seemed to be some protein in my urine.

Something to worry about! I was beginning to think I'd get through the rest of this pregnancy scot free and my highly developed freak-out gland was beginning to shrink to pre-pregnancy proportions. (Still large, but not so big that it physically cut off blood supply to my common sense gland)

So, two more days this week at the hospital for me. On Wednesday, we've got a scan. I have to admit that I wanted one ANYHOW due to the Prawn's reticence to reveal it's boy or girl parts to us around 20 weeks, but I would rather have been surprised by said girl or boy parts in two months rather than HAVE to have a scan because something is potentially not right. On Friday, I get a two hour glucose test for GD.

Ah, the Internet. Saviour and worst enemy. The condition, called Polyhydramnios, has got some uber-fun web info attached to it. It is my wish that information that can be construed as terrifying should have likelihood factors attached. Like, "Well, it's probably nothing to worry about. (90%) It could be GD. (35%) Or it could be something unspeakably awful. (1%)" But no, the unspeakably awful alternatives are offered right along with the nothing-to-worry-abouts, in fact, sometimes BEFORE the nothing-to-worry-abouts, causing palpitations a plenty.

Again, as with the decision NOT to have the amnio, my gut is telling me this is probably the "nothing to worry about" variety that just requires slightly more attention during delivery to prevent a couple of unpleasant things from happening. My freak-out gland, of course, does not agree with me, but I'm trying to keep it's big wordhole shut.

Further updates later on in the week.


Mollywogger said...

Well, hooray. Something to worry about.

I truly hope it's nothing.

Hopeful Mother said...

I hope all is well - will be thinking of you and the Prawn.

tiennieknits said...

Hope you two will be fine - I'm sure it's nothing to worry about!

SaraS-P said...

I hope it's nothing to worry about.