Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gums of Glory

Despite the serene photo, I should warn you; there's a whole lot of screaming going on at Chez Prawn.

The dreaded teeth are on their way. We hoped we'd have a few more months of lovely shiny gums before evil incisiors started trying to cut their way through our lovely little girl's flesh, but being as how she seems to be doing just about everything else early, it's all about shouting these days.

Being that she is her parent's child and by nature, perverse, while she SHOULD be getting her front teeth first, nature has decreed that her first tooth is going to be one of her BACK teeth, which usually don't come in til toddler years, so we're kind of puzzled about this turn of dental events. We thought it couldn't POSSIBLY be one of her back teeth, but the little white point is clearly visible in the back of her mouth whenever she opens it to emit an ear piercing screech.

To our joy, we've discovered that teething can cause all kinds of other problems including lack of appetite, causing every mealtime to become Wrestlemania. I even got slightly crazy the other day and gave her her first taste of baby rice after being completely exhausted by my efforts to keep her bottle in her gob. It didn't go quite as badly as I expected, although I think probably more of it ended up ON her than IN her. Ah well. Early days.

The cherry on the cake is the vaccination she's scheduled for tomorrow, which is bound to improve her mood. Her first round was administered by a needle that looked as if it was meant for horses, so we're battening down the proverbial hatches for a tidal surge of cranky.


MsPrufrock said...

Ah yes...teething. What a joy. I was lucky enough that Piper didn't get her first tooth until 8 months, and even at nearly a year she only has three and a half.

I don't know what other symptoms of teething young Prawn exhibits, but if she gets congested/runny nose as Piper does, Medised all the way. It is an antihistimine so it helps the little buggers sleep too.

As per usual, feel free to email me with any questions. I know everything.

SaraS-P said...

She is darn cute, though.

Brandy said...

She's adorable!!

I think our little man is starting to teeth too. He's had a bump on his bottom front gum area since he was about 4-6 weeks old but he's just now exhibiting a lot of the classic teething signs. And he gets his 4-month shots on the 18th. Fun, fun.

Good luck and I hope the vaccinations go as well as can be expected!

rockmama said...

She was asleep for her jabs, but woke up fairly sharpish when the needles went in and was VERY pissed off. Poor little chicken. She did what we've come to know as "sausage lip" when her bottom lip kind of rolls out like a little carpet. This unfortunately makes both me and Mr. DD laugh pretty hard, which probably makes her madder.

lisalou said...

Good luck to all.