Friday, August 10, 2007

Bad Mommy. Very Bad.

Forgive me for the lapse in normal blogging service. My parents came from the States to visit us (well, the Prawn, mainly) and my time was taken up with family related merrymaking.

The Prawn has taken what seems to be her first step on the road to some semblance of sentience. (Does that work, gramatically? Semblance of sentience?) While I am pleased with this development, I'm not sure that it came about for the right reason.

She has got the baby bird trick down pat. When she sees her bottle or dummy, (Yes I use a dummy and I will wrestle anyone who believes that I am evil for doing so.) she has begun to open her mouth in anticipation. Great, right? I now feel obligated to mention that the reason she started doing this in the first place was because we have, er...very occasionally let her suck on the tips of ice lollies.

She's teething! Honest!

Last night, Mr. DD was eating one with her on his lap and she launched herself, shark like, in the direction of the lolly, little gummy jaws open and wanting. No more ice lolly for you, little sugar fiend.

Did I mention that we also gave her a fingertip's worth of a taste of homemade strawberry ice cream at 2 weeks?

Yup, we're going straight to hell.


Meg said...

Not so bad as my husband who thought a dab of peanut butter on the lips would be a good idea, not thinking about what might happen should he be allergic.

Oh, the prawn is so delectably gorgeously yummy I can't bear it. Really, I am not just saying that... I am gushing in earnest.

SaraS-P said...

She is really freakin' cut! Have fun in hell. I hear all the cool people end up there.

Heather said...

She's adorable! My DH's idea for her first was to give her a dab of tomato sauce when we were getting ready for her baptism when she was three months old.

lisalou said...

I think your doing ALL of the right things! I probably would have bought her a freakin' pony already she's so cute.

KitKat said...

Who could resist really? I'm sure most of us allow our babies to taste these delectable treats before we're supposed to. I did it when mine were a few months old just to see their reactions.