Monday, August 21, 2006


People know.

Our fears about my in-laws reaction to the pregnancy were entirely unfounded, although I got the impression that my father-in-law was grateful that we’d waited until we were relatively sure the pregnancy was stable to break the news, in light of everything that’s been happening with my mother-in-law. So now I don’t have to attempt to suck in my really rather overtly pregnant belly in when sitting at my desk anymore, which is a treat. It’s stupid, I only hit the magical 12 week mark on Thursday and some guy already offered me his seat on the Tube on Saturday. I think the Intergalactic Space Prawn (with thanks to lisalou for inspiration on the name) is doing some fairly major interior decorating or something. Maybe a wide screen tv? (Although I have yet to notice the strains of the “Friends” theme tune filtering up from my womb.)

Everyone’s very pleased, although I still have to admit to an extreme nervousness about the information being “out there” now, as if it’ll act as some kind of jinx. The only reason we didn’t wait until the magic mark was due to the obvious belly, but now I feel as though I’ve somehow betrayed the ISP by letting everyone in on our secret. It’s silly, but as every recurrent miscarrier knows, education is no substitute for superstition. You could be Dr. BigBrain, PhD, but you still think that if you take away your lucky rabbit’s foot, something awful is going to happen.

Still, my belly feels better sticking out in front than hiding under my desk.


lisalou said...

Hooray for you and your outed space prawn! Flaunt that belly girl!

Mollywogger said...

Well done, you. Scary yet somewhat freeing.

Jennie said...

Big sigh!

theoneliner said...

Phew, let that belly out. Congrats on hitting the magical mark.

It's almost too bad you can't wait until little ISP is born. It just seems so private.

Glad to know that your belly is getting bigger. So healthy.

Also glad you got a seat on the tube.


VanillaDreams said...

Wow, a seat on the Tube, that IS pretty amazing!!!!

Well, I think it's great you're "out of the pregnancy closet" so to speak -- a little scary -- for sure, but what can you do?

There is no way I could ever attempt to hide my pregnancies from my family -- we have to do IVF/FET, and ALL our family ends up knowing, including extended relatives!

It's hard to keep quiet about the results when they are expectantly waiting!

Oh well....

Congrats on the growing belly though, that is great news! :)

All the best,

rockmama-in-waiting said...

We told my parents right away and a few select friends that we wanted support from no matter which way the pregnancy went. Due to my MIL's illness, we didn't want to give his parents more to worry about until we were fairly sure about things. (I got shouted at the last time I got pregnant, so I wasn't really anxious to repeat the experience!) But they were really pleased this time around, so it was a relief!

Em said...

It's great to get the news out there though I understand your hesitance. I used to get on the tube (I didn't really start showing until I was 24 weeks and I because it was during winter I had a coat on a lot of the time) and you could see people looking at me, looking at each other and none would get up, especially bastards in business suits who would just bury their heads in their Financial Times. As I go really big some lovely person would offer me the seat, which restored my faith in humanity.

rockmama-in-waiting said...

em- I find that at early stages a lot of people are a lot more afraid of insulting you by insinuating that you're preganant if you're not than they are of not giving up their seat! People don't like to ask, just in case they're really wrong and you turn out to just be a little pudgy. :)

SaraS-P said...

Ooh, 12 week mark! Offering an early congratulations!