Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day In, Day Out

I notice a lot of pregnancy blogs tend to go days without updating. It's now obvious why this is. What does one write?

"Today was pretty much like any other day. I went to work. Had lunch. Worked some more. Came home. Watched bad tv. Went to bed. Oh, yeah, still pregnant, swollen, running to the bathroom every 5 seconds and afflicted with heartburn. Love, Rockmama."

Pretty much jack has been going on here for the last week or so. Still waiting for our incompetent health authority to issue a recommendation for a level II ultrasound which needs to be done by 16 weeks. (I'm now 14w 6d, so as you can imagine, I'm kind of tearing my hair out) The Prawn is still beating away in there, albeit slightly louder now than before, which is always nice to hear.

Further updates as events warrant.


theoneliner said...

good to hear about the heart beat. may it continue to beat louder and louder until the prawn is in your arms.

Mollywogger said...

Hooray! Sounds perfect.

SaraS-P said...

Same old, same old can be nice. With the Prawn still beating, things sound pretty good!

katty said...

Throw up (or not).
Sleep (definitely).
Examine stomach in mirror, and wonder if it is fat or bloat or baby.
Snooze some more.
Eat everything possible while not feeling sick.
Have vivid dreams about ex.
On and on and on.
I'm not even working to break up the tedium.

theoneliner said...

I tagged you to give you something to blog about. no pressure. : )

lisalou said...

To bad you couldn't get the Prawn to do a satelite post from the womb...that would be cool.