Friday, September 01, 2006

Midwife Report

After having a minor admin nightmare with the NHS, I've finally been assigned a midwife.

She came to visit Wednesday morning for my booking-in. It was a typical morning in the in-laws house; since we run 2 seperate businesses out of it, there was the usual chaos happening everywhere. The dog was barking. The accountant had to bring his two kids because he has them this week. The power went off, so no one could DO anything- the consequence being lots of people hanging out in the kitchen while I was talking in the next room about my private ladyplace.

The midwife was very nice, pretty much what you'd expect. Older, mumsy type, soft spoken. Gave me a bunch of literature that I've already read, took 5 rather large vials of my blood, (I have a needle thing and according to Mr. DD there was quite the fountain when she first stuck me. Lucky we were sitting on the white leather couch.) and just made sure I was feeling okay.

My next appointment isn't until 16 weeks (3 weeks away) so I'll have some time to just twiddle my thumbs and play Hunt the Prawn with the doppler.

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