Friday, September 15, 2006


Tag! I'm it. The OneLiner says so. I'm using her words to say something interesting.

Lucky- Mr. DD and I have had a lot of discussions about luck over the past 7 years that we've been married. We've always felt somewhat under the shadow of an inauspicious cloud- if something has been able to go wrong or get in the way of us moving forward in life, count on it, it's going to happen.

The laws of probability (which I find kind of comforting in a strange way) dictate that if there are two random outcomes, there is just as much chance of one happening as the other. While the chances of a coin coming down tails 400 times in a row is slim, it is not improbable since with every flip of the coin, probability basically "resets" itself. (Anyone else a huge fan of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?) Of course, this really can't be applied to most stuff in our lives as there are many more factors than chance affecting outcomes, but in the last few years , if we've needed the coin to come up heads, it's almost always been tails.

Until this year. :)

Frantic- I was apparently a total pain in the ass when I was a toddler. (For which I am expecting much karma) I remember numerous occasions on which I was taken to the car for a "time out" or a spanking for behaving like a wild animal in public. (Just FYI, my parents are wonderful people and didn't beat me or anything, but every time I got a spanking I TOTALLY deserved it.)

I can't imagine what a nightmare I must have been to go shopping with. On one occasion, my mom was browsing in a clothing shop and in the split second she turned her back on me, I was out of my stroller, and out the door of the shop, intently focused on one of those cheap, mall merry-go-rounds in the hallway.

Having discovered my disappearing act, my mother, totally insane with worry, ran out of the shop to look for me with two blouses in her hands, setting off the shop alarm and bringing mall security guards running. All was soon explained, however; it was fairly obvious that she was not engaging in any nefarious activity other than motherhood.

Elusive- I don't know if anyone else is guilty of this.

I take my shoes off everywhere. We get to someone's house, they're off. The minute I walk in the door at work (my in-laws house) they're gone.

This odd habit has made the end of stay Shoe Hunt a near daily occurrence. I'm convinced that they walk around by themselves when no one's looking. If the family dog was a shoe chewer, (he's not) I'd blame him for making off with them. But no, it's just me and my chronic short attention span that's to blame for my elusive footwear. I spend at least 15 minutes a day looking for my shoes. By the time I die, I probably will have spent over a year of my life in pursuit of my shoes.


I tag Meg from Journey to the Centre of the Egg, Sara from The Island and Katty from Going it Alone. Your words, ladies, are:






Meg said...

Well. The bad bit is that I am at least four memes behind currently, and have probably direly offended many in the blogosphere... the good news is that my school holidays started today and that means I may actually have some time to complete them.

Glad to hear things are still moving along fine. x

Thalia said...

I know all about elusive shoes. Also drives my husband bananas.

Glad to hear the prawn is still growing away in there. And I don't think 1:161 is anything to worry about.

katty said...

I finished my assignment.