Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Ok, putting aside the fact it's hot enough to fry eggs on the York flagstones outside on the patio, I have to admit to a slight amount of trepidation due to my temperature.

I've had a low grade fever for two weeks now, never going above 99 degrees. I've read some bits that say that's totally normal for pregnancy and others that say I should go to my doctor. My mother told me that her body temperature was mildly elevated throughout the entire time she was carrying me.

Well, I've BEEN to my doctor and taken a low dose course of Amoxicillan, just in case. I don't really FEEL all that bad. (except for the waves of nausea and the bloating that's making me look like I'm 6 MONTHS gone rather than 6 WEEKS)

What do you think, ladies? Anyone with similar experience?


theoneliner said...

I think a slightly elevated temp is perfectly normal.

My temp is 99 something after I ovulate every month.

So, I think its just fine.

And now you've gots meds from the Dr. so you're doubly fine.

Jennie said...

I never really noticed my temp when I was pregnant so I wouldn't know if it did that. It's good you went to the Dr. just to be sure and help ease your mind. I wouldn't worry too much about 99, that may be normal for you pregnant. Let us know how it goes.

VanillaDreams said...

When I was pregnant (albeit briefly) my temp was also slightly elevated. I thought it was fairly common so was not terribly concerned. If you've already done a course of antibiotics, and it is still low-grade, AND you've already spoken to your doctor about it, I think it will be okay. :)

good luck with everything!

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams

Brooke said...

Hey there! Congrats and thanks for the kind words. Cracked me up that we used the same title! Hope you're feeling better, but it sounds like you're doing everything you need to. Keep in touch!

Meg said...

Rockmama - no idea, I'm afraid. Pregnancy is still a strange unknown land for me. However, I do want to congratualte you on the ultrasound. I'm glad everything is looking ok.

Except. Square end?

That is so disturbing.

VanillaDreams said...

RE: the square dildo-can thing -- I made special note of that this morning as I was sitting in the ultrasound room waiting for my cattle-prod!! LOL -- I was thinking of this post!! Yup, it was square! Not EXACTLY square, mind you, but it no way ROUND, nor was it a good dildo shape in any form at all!!!! LOL

I mind them much less when there is a baby in there to look at! It was pretty boring staring at my empty uterus this morning and looking at the thin lining and "quiet" ovary! Hopefully in about one month from now I will be seeing a heartbeat like you did!

All the best -- hope things continue to go well for you, and that you are feeling okay!