Thursday, July 06, 2006

Look Out Below

There are rumblings in the deep.

This is argueably one of the tastiest soups I have ever, myownself had a chance to consume. But it is entirely possible, that should this pregnancy continue, I will not be partaking of its goodness again for the remainder of it.

I have always had a slightly delicate stomach, although I've learned to tolerate the gurgling following a hot curry or some such indulgence.

Today, however, I feel that I might well need to journey out of doors in able to rid myself of the air bubble that is so big, it's giving me shoulder pains, for fear that I might actually shatter some windows.



Mollywogger said...

As another IBS sufferer, I hear you, girl.

And I know you're just trying to make me jealous with delicious English soup that I can't get my hands on. Grrrr . . . another English thing that I can't have.

rockmama-in-waiting said...

IBS totally blows. It wasn't bugging me too badly until about a week ago. Colpermin pretty much keeps it under control. My dad is total delicate stomach boy- Anything with nuts or spice in it totally finishes him off, so I suppose it ain't nothin but a family thang.

New Covent Garden Soup is gorgeous! Especially so in the winter, but I eat it almost every day for lunch. (Although this week I've been loathe to use the stove because of the heat) I think perhaps tomorrow I shall try the slightly less digestively controversial Plum Tomato and Creme Frache.

Meg said...

Wow, plum tomato and creme fraiche... sounds delicious and quite frightfully gourmet... Alas, we australians have a far less sophisticated packaged soup market. Hope the belly's doing better...

theoneliner said...

yummy. i would have eaten too. sorry your body is punishing you for the goodness.
hope you feel better soon.

Liza said...

Found you by way of Babes in Blogland...

I had bad reflux pre-pregnancy, and when I was 5 or 6 weeks along, I discovered that the baby absolutely loathed Indian food.

Being stubborn and a slow learner, I tested this theory three times in three different Indian restaurants. After the third time, I accepted the fact of No Indian Food until the babe is weaned.

Good luck. My fingers are crossed for you and this pregnancy.