Monday, July 31, 2006


Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck socks.

Stalling on a hill is good way to avoid getting your license.


Jennie said...

Fuck! fuck, fuck!

(Sorry about your test, thought it might help if I join in your rage)

Brooke said...

Sorry to hear about the test (and how did I not realize that you lived in the UK before!)!

I lived in London for a couple years with Brit hubby and never even got the guts to TRY the test! You'll do it. Hubs says almost everyone fails at least once. Thus all his bragging about passing the first time!

Yeah, but he wasn't battling nausea, right? :)

rockmama-in-waiting said...

It really is a VERY difficult driving test to pass. You have to drive like a little old lady to pass; spending 30% of your time looking in your mirrors, putting your handbrake on whenever coming to a stop sign, remembering every one of a billion little things that my instructor said would get me's nuts.

That said, I understand that the UK is a small island and they don't want any more drivers than humanly necessary on it. But it doesn't mean that the test doesn't blow!